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Education to Inspire !

It may be a rocky road at the moment but hold your nerve! Brexit, reforms, Academy centric education have all rocked the establishment in recent years.
Education is however evolving, with a tremendous focus on two opposing ideas. Maintaining a tight budget has always been key but within these more frugal times innovation has blossomed…isn’t that the British way?

Out of a requirement to increase on less we’ve gone back to basics in design and created more. Design in education establishments is really gathering pace, key concepts such as colour to nurture, the circular economy and productive wellbeing are not passing through education, they are starting in education!

Paragon Carpets has developed with these themes with environmental ethos and design at the company’s core. It may seem like a tall order but one Paragon has taken on with verve. Over 300 colour ways to induce productive well being, designs to make wayfaring in modern education buildings a breeze.

Education flooring schemes now contain total recycling systems ensuring the circular economy starts with flooring and is a day to day philosophy at this British manufacturer.

We’re excited about education design as much as you, as a supporting company to the winner of the 2016 RICs Building Award and attaining the No1 slot in the People and Planet University League with Nottingham Trent University, Paragon Carpets is going from strength to strength, creating better learning environments for the future.

With a positive attitude and some good old British manufacturing innovation, we can change the education landscape together!

David Rhodes – Managing Director, Paragon Carpets

“I was sold on the fact Paragon Carpets manufactured in the UK and had a considerable range of bright and often outright “wacky designs” such as Codec Pathway which helped me generate an outstanding scheme overall”.

Chris MuddFacilities Manager, Bradford University

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