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7 Flooring Ideas to Transform Small Spaces

By 14th April 2021 No Comments

Often the smallest spaces can have the biggest potential. Unlocking this potential is easy, but only if you know how. When it comes to flooring, it is important to choose the right patterns, colours and style.

In this blog, our commercial carpet manufacturer shares 7 flooring ideas to transform small spaces.

1. Pick the perfect patterns

Just because a space is small, that doesn’t mean you can’t show it off! Patterns are a great way to grab attention. Just make sure you stay away from busy patterns and embrace a minimalist and modern style.

The latest flooring innovations, such as our carpet tiles, can be laid in certain ways to create the right kind of patterns. For example, two alternating colours can be used to create a checker-board effect.

2. Go light and bright

Shy away from dark colours and opt for lighter tones. These are much more inviting and can really work to open up a space. Soft tones such as light greys, blues and greens reflect light and make for a very welcoming atmosphere.

Carpets, like those in our Workspace Loop range, have a wide-ranging colour bank, with many of the lighter colours that you might need for a smaller space.

3. Diagonal only

Another smart way to work a smaller space is to lay out the flooring in a diagonal pattern. The widest part of the pattern should be placed to face you, as you walk into the room. This tricks the mind into seeing the space differently and thinking it is bigger.

All of our carpet tiles can be laid in this way, to create this effect. If you are feeling creative, why not try cutting and shaping them into your own bespoke style?

4. The bigger the better

If you opt for carpet tiles, always go large, as smaller tiles can make a small room look very tight and cramped. Also make sure there are no borders on the individual tiles, as this can also look untidy.

This works in the same way with hard flooring, such as our Luxury Commercial Vinyl products. Wider and longer planks should be selected, opposed to shorter ones.

5. Don’t clash colours

When it comes to colours, the visual balance of a room is super important. This means that all colours should go well together and should be very easy on the eye when paired.

Introducing a shocking colour can overwhelm a space and throw it off balance. Always keep it light, bright and neutral to create a show-stopping space that isn’t overcrowded with colour.

6. Keep it consistent

Use the same type of flooring across all of your spaces, to seamlessly tie each room together. This gives the illusion of having more spacious surroundings, with rooms opening up into each other.

Carpet is a fantastic flooring choice, suitable for use in a number of commercial indoor spaces. With durable, low maintenance and fully functional qualities, carpets are to be highly considered.

7. Cosy and warm

Comfort is something very commonly associated with snug small spaces. Soft furnishings can help to create this effect, as they provide just the right amount of warmth and security for users. This can also be mirrored through flooring.

Carpet is able to trap and retain heat, making it warm and comforting to the touch and feel. Thick and dense carpets, such as those in our Maestro range, can help to really introduce cosiness to a space.

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