aston martin trusts matworks frameworks 17c with mw rib anthracite inserts
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Aston Martin Trusts Matworks For Prestigious New Showroom

By 25th October 2017 No Comments
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Aston Martin trusts Matworks with prestigious new showroom

Aston Martin normally needs no aid in making an entrance with an array of sleek sports cars and brand tie ups with blockbuster films such as James Bond!

On this occasion however the entrance stealer is MatWorks with its Frameworks 17C product incorporating Anthracite wiper strips. Aston entrusted the full entrance of their new prestigious Nottingham showroom to this similar British Manufacturer, ensuring dirt and moisture ingress retains within the aluminium and textile wiper folds rather than moving into areas where the precious metal machinery is shown.


Aston were also impressed with the deep colour of the Anthracite wiper strips meaning the overall moody and sleek tone they like to retain for customers continued from external to internal at this dealership.


aston martin frameworks 17c

For further information on MatWorks Frameworks 17C click the link below or contact us if you have a Paragon Carpets or MatWorks case study and would like free photography and printed imagery contact us at [email protected]