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Interior Trends: Bring Autumn Indoors

By 9th September 2020 No Comments
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Bring the outdoors in and ‘fall’ in love with interior design this Autumn!

Seasonal colours such as red, orange, gold and brown can keep the design fires burning. Whether they’re used together or individually, these colours effortlessly create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

Far away from the average blue and black tones, commercial interior designers choose autumnal colours as they can inject personality to a space and transform it into a warm and inviting setting.

Here are some of the reasons why we, at Paragon Carpet Tiles, believe Autumn inspired interiors are all the rage for commercial spaces.

Gold & Brown

Some say that brown has taken over from the popular colour grey. When used in interior design, the colour brown fulfils human desire to be near nature. It creates the feeling of familiarity and safety, which creates a comfortable atmosphere.

Gold can enliven any space with the shades of the sun. With associations of royalty and regality, the most ordinary room can be adapted to be fit for a king.

When paired together, these two colours can create a luxurious, rich and classic feel. They can be used to easily inject personality and life into an office or educational environment.

Red & Orange

Red is the key to eye catching interior design. The colour is said to increase awareness, which makes it great for focus in learning environments.

Orange doesn’t just add vibrancy to a space, it also channels energy, excitement and enthusiasm. It is believed to be the colour of motivation and it encourages and promotes positivity.

Members of the same colour family, red and orange complement each other perfectly. Therefore it’s no wonder that they are a firm favourite for schools, colleges and universities.

Autumn Carpet Tiles & Flooring

Carpets can be used to complete an interior autumn feel. The cold weather can make us want to spend more time indoors, and carpet can create the soft, comfortable and cosy atmosphere we all desire.

From Auburn Falls to Hot Paprika, our range of Workspace Loop carpet tiles are available in a selection of seasonal tones. With over 36 colours to choose from, these tiles can deliver a hint of luxury to any installation.

Want to learn more about our design-led carpet tiles? Get in touch with our expert sales team for information, samples and to place an order. Call us on 01709 916808 or email [email protected]