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Top Carpet Tips that Experts Swear By

By 24th June 2021 No Comments

Anyone can embrace carpet, but it can be helpful to know some insider expert knowledge to help you make the most of your flooring choice.

In this blog, our commercial carpet company lists their top 10 carpet tips that experts swear by.

Material matters

When choosing carpet material, it’s vital to consider the function of your space. For an entrance hall, something heavy duty like a Mat.Works solution is best suited to heavy footfall and exposure to the elements. Whereas for a meeting room, our Vapour range, with its modern crushed velvet finish is a perfect fit.

Colour affects mood

Different colours create different atmospheres. For example, when choosing the carpet for a meeting space, muted blues, greens and greys are ideal as they induce calmness and concentration. Whereas, carpet colours for a café or walkway need to energise and invigorate, so bold colours and patterns are the way to go.

Lighting is Key

When choosing commercial carpet, consider what the lighting is like in the space. A general rule of thumb is to order a sample and compare it against the other colours in the project, as carpet colours always look different online compared to in person.

Think Acoustics

In busy spaces like hallways and other communal areas, denser carpets can really help to absorb noise pollution. All of our carpet tiles are BS EN rated, and proven to help create a quieter environment. Our Vapour range, for example, is created with one of the highest quality nylons available, 100% Antron 6.6, so works perfectly to absorb excess sound.

(Top Tip: For especially loud environments, extra acoustic backing can be added).

Always Vacuum First

When steam cleaning a carpet, don’t forget to vacuum first. Otherwise, the steam turns dirt into micro-mud and pushes it through the fibres and padding.

Take it Step by Step

It’s crucial to select the right carpet for stairs, as they experience a lot of wear and tear. Cut-pile carpet tiles are the ideal choice, because they are thick and soft, but can still withstand heavy footfall.

Start From the Middle

When laying carpet tiles, don’t start laying your tiles along a wall – if the wall isn’t straight, your tiles won’t be either! So starting in the middle is always the way to go.

(Top Tip: Mark the centre with a chalk line, and work out from there).

Deep Clean Regularly

For commercial buildings, get a professional deep clean at least once a year, to safeguard against future damage and ensure the longevity of your carpet. For schools, do this twice a year.

Perfect Your Patterns

When installing patterned carpet tiles, it is important to lay out all the tiles beforehand, to ensure that you get the correct pattern. For a boardroom look,  patterns need to go in the same direction, but tiles can also be mixed and matched for a checkerboard effect.

Our leading Inspiration Range contains both large patterned tile designs, and smaller patterned designs, so there is no end of creative possibilities to explore.

Want to learn more about our design-led carpet tiles? Get in touch with our expert sales team to place an order. Call us on 01709 916808 or email [email protected]