Tyre Tile

Tyre Tile is a truly unique product from Mat.Works, due to the fact it is manufactured using 100% recycled vehicle tyres.

Every day 100,000 tyres are taken from cars, vans, trucks, buses and bicycles, what happens to them?

Until recently most were either dumped or burnt, both of which are extremely harmful to the environment.

Mat.Works has introduced Tyre Tile as a product which has very little impact on the environment and as it uses 100% recycled or recyclable source material is value-engineered to ensure it can fit into any project.

Tyre Tile provides Mat.Works with a unique opportunity as a manufacturer to help reduce customers' carbon footprint by not using raw materials from source.

Tyre Tile is specifically recommended for covered areas, preferably recessed into the floor and is perfect for sectors such as shopping centres, hospitals and public buildings.

Tyre Tile is non-slip and extremely stable and is therefore safe for wheelchairs and walking aids.

To enquire about Mat.Works Tyre Tile please email [email protected] with your requirements.

Technical Data:
Tile Size | 304mm x 304mm
Weight | 8410 gsm
Thickness | 10mm
Composition | Rubber Tyre With Nylon Tread
Backing | Polyethylene Webbing
Wear Classification | Heavy Contract Class 33
LRV | 4.22

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Please note, due to differences in screen resolutions, the colour of the product images on the website may vary slightly from the actual product. For a more accurate representation of the product colour, please order a sample using the options available.

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