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Since forming as a company in the late 1990s, Paragon Carpet Tiles has always had a focus on the environment. The company puts the environment at the forefront of everything it does and always strives to reduce its environmental impact.


Paragon Carpet Tiles is proud to have one of the lowest emission carpet tile manufacturing sites in Europe, with the facility originally constructed on a brownfield development.

The site features a state of the art ventilation system, with air emissions regularly independently monitored for impacts on the environment. Recent analysis has confirmed that the emissions produced were less than 1% of government targets.

The facility also has a host of environmentally friendly fixtures throughout, including low energy lighting that saves over 80,000kWh of electricity each year.

The impact of the company’s manufacturing activities and production processes are regularly audited by Environmental Health Officers, and have been confirmed as a ‘low-risk category’.

British Standards regularly audit the Environmental and Quality Management Systems to ensure continued compliance with accredited standards and to demonstrate continuous improvement.


The company’s management team and employees ensure Paragon Carpet Tiles acts in a responsible, considered way to ensure that our business practices meet the highest environmental and quality standards.

The overall environmental culture at Paragon Carpet Tiles is ‘reduce, recycle, reuse’, using raw materials from sustainable sources with recycled content wherever possible. As an example, every single box used for the company’s carpet tiles, whether that’s for a large order, or just a sample, is made using 100% recycled content.

Paragon Carpet Tiles recycles as many different materials as possible, with the company’s waste material segregated and recycled or reused, resulting in a ‘zero landfill’ policy. All yarn waste, cardboard, plastic and timber is recycled. Waste pallets are shredded into biomass for energy production. General waste (which is not considered recyclable) is used as a fossil fuel replacement in a ‘SRF – Solid Recoverable Fuel’ programme.

In the latest year (2022), the company recording the following recycling figures; 18.7 tonnes of cardboard, 1.8 tonnes of plastic, 13.3 tonnes of pallet waste and 301 tonnes of general waste.

As a UK manufacturer, the company ensures UK-based raw materials, packaging and services are sourced for its operations, using local partners where possible.


Specifying or purchasing Paragon Carpet Tiles products can be done with confidence, knowing that each one has been produced to the highest environmental standards and with intrinsic environmental qualities built-in.

Almost 80% of Paragon Carpet Tiles’ products are manufactured using recycled material. Alongside this, the company’s specialised ‘Envirobase’ backing used on all its ranges is manufactured from a minimum of 75% recycled contents. The latex pre-coat backing also contains at least 75% of recycled material.

Some of the company’s ranges, including Total Contrast, are manufacturing using ‘ECONYL’ yarn, from our partners, Aquafil. ECONYL is the brand name for Aquafil’s recycled fishing nets or similar products, which the company rescues from oceans and landfill sites across the world.

The ECONYL yarn is incredibly sustainable as it recovers waste which would otherwise end up in landfills or oceans, causing serious damage to the entire ecosystem. It also enables real savings in terms of emissions, compared to common Nylon 6, ECONYL® fibre has almost 50% reduction in CO₂ per kilogram of yarn.

Almost all of the company’s products are BREEAM rated, showcasing how Paragon Carpet Tiles is striving to create innovative ranges that are environmentally sustainable in building environments.

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