Luxury Commercial Flooring

Seamlessly joining floors with over 28 Vinyl and 300 Carpet tile colourways to choose from.

Luxury Commercial Vinyl

Luxury Commercial Flooring via two vinyl options of 5mm and 2.5mm

Explore the exciting new 2.5mm and 5mm luxury vinyl ranges from Paragon Carpets.

Two ranges of 28 total colourways encompassing the most fashionable shades exclusively picked and unique to Europe.

Duera and Rapport are designed to blend seamlessly with the Paragon Carpets tile ranges – Duera at 5mm is a loose lay product with no further requirement for levelling when used with carpet tiles. Quicker installations, less maintenance, instant access to solutions for modern office design.

prod page image duera 5mm

Duera 5mm LCF

Duera is our premium range of 5mm Vinyl flooring with 12 colourways. Merge seamlessly with over 300 carpet tile ranges. Loose lay installation and an unbelievably stable product.

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rapport 2.5mm prod page image

Rapport 2.5mm LCF

Rapport is our second in the lineup of  premium Vinyl flooring products with 16 colourways. Merge seamlessly with over 300 carpet tile ranges. Exclusive colourways to the UK and Europe.

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