Treadsure 205

Treadsure 205 by Mat.Works Entrance Solutions is a major advancement in the world of modular matting systems. The system has been designed not just for extremely heavy footfall but also with wheeled traffic entrances in supermarkets, retail, education and healthcare in mind – providing an alternative to aluminium matting systems.

Similar to its sister product, the popular Treadloc 25, Treadsure 205 is manufactured from nitrile rubber to provide optimum performance and has a host of key features that set the product apart from any other standard modular matting system.

One of these is its sheer durability, which is provided by the product size and weight. Treadsure 205 has dimensions of 205cm x 50cm, and offers a weight of 20kg per sqm (14kg per sqm for the 12mm version), which ensures it is one of the heaviest modular matting solutions available on the market.

The weight ensures, when installed correctly, it will not move or slip in the matwell. It also makes installation easier, as there are no click or interlocking systems. No specialist equipment is required either, as Treadsure 205 can simply be cut to size on-site using a Stanley knife.

If more than one system is needed, the modules are simply be placed next to each other – significantly reducing any potential installation times.

There are a host of carpet inserts available with Treadsure 205. Choose from the company’s Workspace Entrance, MW Maxim, MW Rib HD or Premier range to create a complete system.

Alternatively, for a truly unique and individual entrance system, there is also the option to choose from more than one colour or range in the same module, for example, using Workspace Entrance Vulcan and MW Rib HD Light Grey in the same system. T-Bars are also available if there is the requirement to visibly show the different modules in the matwell.

To revolutionise your entrance area, choose Treadsure 205.

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Perfect for Healthcare:

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Treadsure 205 is manufactured using the same special formulated copper impregnated nitrile rubber compound as Treadloc 25, which has proven anti-microbial properties, combating the spread of hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA.


Slip Resistance:

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Provides a very low risk for slips in both wet and dry conditions (TRRL Pendulum test in accordance with BS 7976-2:2000 and A1:2013).


Flammability Rating:

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Treadsure 205 has a Cfl-s2 fire rating (tested to BS EN 14041:2004).


Technical Data:
Module Size | 205cm x 50cm x 12mm / 18mm
Installation | Seamlessly place two or more modules next to each other without the need for any locking mechanism
Composition | Nitrile rubber composition
Performance | Nitrile rubber is resistant to oil, grease and fuel
Wear Classification | Heavy Contract class 33
Weight (Depending on insert option) | 14,000gsm (12mm), 20,000gsm (18mm)

Please note, due to differences in screen resolutions, the colour of the product images on the website may vary slightly from the actual product. For a more accurate representation of the product colour, please order a sample using the options available.

Download the Mat.Works Entrance Solutions Brochure


Download the Treadsure 205 Brochure

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