Aluminium Primary

Entrance Matting Solutions

The MatWorks brand of heavy duty Aluminium based matting for heavy traffic areas. The first line of defence against dirt and moisture. Primary aluminium products are tough, versatile and often recessed into the floor.

frameworks 12mm

Frameworks 12

Low profile 12mm, rollable aluminium matting system with ramp options and 13 insert options.

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Frameworks 15C

Heavy gauge 15mm entrance system incorporating a specially designed arch to withstand the heaviest of traffic.

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Frameworks 17C

Heavy duty 17mm entrance mat with exceptional performance. Closed construction captures dirt within the mat for easy maintenance. Suitable for foot and trolley traffic.

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Frameworks 17CS

The new 17CS aluminium system is ideal for heavy traffic areas. With a closed construction dirt is captured on the top level and added scraper bars remove dirt and moisture in one movement.

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Frameworks 17DR

A drainable 17mm entrance system ensuring the maximum amount of moisture is removed from traffic and filtered through the entrance system.

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Frameworks 17OP

A rollable open construction 17mm entrance system which allows dirt to fall in between specially designed dirt channels.

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Frameworks 17HD

A 17mm Closed construction with wide 44mm insert area for maximum dirt absorption. The PVC undercarriage allows for excellent point loading.

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frameworks 22c

Frameworks 22CL

A 22mm closed system where height is required to meet door joins.

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Frameworks 22OP

A 22mm open construction system which is rollable for easy cleaning, dirt is driven into specially designed dirt channels.

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A range of customer engineered Aluminium mats with recycled nylon scraper profiles provide a truly heavy duty product. Ideal for extreme traffic situations.

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