Paragon Carpet Tiles | MatWorks Entrance Matting Case Study | Office Complex, Bolton
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Office Complex, Bolton

Product: MatWorks – Treadloc 25

MatWorks, a market-leading entrance matting specialist recently supplied its Treadloc 25 modular primary entrance matting system to an office complex in Bolton. 

Overall, 22 square meters of Treadloc 25, complete with Workspace Entrance Victor inserts, were installed on the site by Arrowe Flooring from the Wirral. 

Treadloc 25 was installed as the building’s previous aluminium matting system had buckled over time due to constant load pressure from heavy trolley traffic. Due to its modular nature (25cm x 25cm click fit), Treadloc 25 doesn’t buckle or break under pressure and can be installed by most carpet fitting companies. 

The fittings were completed across two entrance areas, with technical support provided by the team at MatWorks at all times.  

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