Treadloc 25

Treadloc 25 is a revolutionary flooring tile made from heavy duty nitrile rubber and designed to withstand heavy footfall traffic.

Treadloc 25 is designed not to expand, contract, fade or become brittle, nor will it bend or buckle under pressure making it an ideal heavy contract solution for entrance areas in every sector. Treadloc 25 tiles are easily interchangeable and designed with interlocking male and female components for ease of installation.

Available with 9 colourway inserts including a health and safety LRV insert to aid the visually impaired.

Perfect for Healthcare:

The nitrile rubber in Treadloc 25 is now manufactured with copper compounds, a material that has been proven to have anti-microbial properties, combating the spread of hospital-acquired infections, including MRSA.

The product has been tested to ISO 22196, which specifies a method of evaluating the antibacterial activity of antibacterial-treated plastics, and other non-porous surfaces of products.

The results showed that the copper in the Treadloc 25 killed 99.29% of MRSA Bacterium.

Technical Data:

Tile Size | 250mm x 250mm x 12mm
Locking Guides | Easy inter-locking system as standard
Removable male and female connectors
Composition | Nitrile rubber composition
Performance | Nitrile rubber is resistant to oil, grease and fuel
Resistant to stable temperatures 40-108 C (40-226F)
Wear Classification | Heavy Contract class 33

Product Weight:

Diamond | 12,300gsm
Premier | 13,500gsm
Workspace Entrance | 14,000gsm

Please note, due to differences in screen resolutions, the colour of the product images on the website may vary slightly from the actual product. For a more accurate representation of the product colour, please order a sample using the options available.

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MatWorks Entrance Matting | Treadloc 25

MatWorks Entrance Matting | Treadloc 25