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2020 carpet trends for commercial environments

By 8th January 2020 No Comments
Paragon Carpet Tiles | 2020 Commercial Carpet Trends | Commercial Carpet Tiles

Design-led carpet tiles have seen a big resurgence in popularity in recent years, and it’s only predicted to continue in 2020. As facilities managers and interior designers look for cost-effective solutions with endless design possibilities, it’s no wonder that carpet has become a firm favourite.

In this Paragon Carpet Tiles blog, we use our commercial carpet manufacturing expertise to explore some of the top carpet trends which are predicted to take centre stage this year! 

Textured carpet is on the rise

While low-level loop pile carpet tiles remain prominent, textured carpets are also rising in popularity, gradually increasing their market share.

Texture can add an interesting look and feel to any carpet, what’s more, it has the ability to add warmth and make a space cosier. Every carpet will have a different texture, dependent on differing manufacturing processes and techniques. For instance, multi-level loop pile carpet tiles, like those in our ‘Inspiration Collection’ and ‘Vapour’ ranges, produce a variety of effects just from the way they are structured.

Cooler tones and bold colours are on trend

Colour was a huge carpet trend in 2019. Vibrant colours, like reds and purples, proved increasingly popular as people looked for ways to bring commercial spaces to life. With the ability to inject personality and create a lively environment, this multi-coloured carpet trend is set to continue into 2020 – particularly as a way to distinguish break out areas or other set areas of a room. However, the ever-popular cooler tones, such as greys and light blues, are also predicted to continue their dominance in the market this year.

Get creative with carpet designs

2020 is the year to get creative with carpet designs. No longer do people want boring carpets which just do their job, they want unique designs which reflect core company values. One way to achieve this is with patterns and shapes to create a carpet which is unlike any other. At Paragon, we work together with our clients to deliver truly bespoke designs for their building or facility, experimenting with colour, patterns and shapes. 

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