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6 Surprising Benefits of Installing Carpet

By 11th March 2021 No Comments

Choosing the right flooring for your commercial setting is an important decision and one that needs careful consideration. The main debate is often whether to fit carpet tiles or some form of hard flooring, such as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT).

As a commercial carpet manufacturer that also supplies LVT, we are advocates for both. However, in this blog, we want to draw your attention to the 6 surprising benefits of carpet.

1. Warmth and Comfort

Carpet is an exceptionally good thermal insulator. Unlike hard floors, carpet has a low density and requires little energy to warm up, so can significantly reduce energy costs in heating. In terms of keeping spaces insulated, therefore, carpet wins hands down.

In addition, it also provides underfoot comfort and reduces standing and walking leg fatigue, which is particularly useful in sectors such as retail. It is also an inherently slip-resistant floor covering that, when compared to hard non-impact absorbing surfaces, reduces the risk of slips and falls.

2. Noise Reduction

As well as reducing heating costs, carpet is the only floor covering that can significantly impact noise reduction, creating a quieter environment, better social interaction and increased privacy.

This is because carpet is able to absorb sound. Experts believe it can reduce airborne noise by up to 35%, as well as destroying the reverberation and echo in a room. This means that costs can also be saved on other insulative measures.

3. Cost-effective

Cost is a major factor in any purchasing decision and, when it comes to flooring, carpet is certainly the more budget-friendly option, as it is relatively inexpensive to install and maintain.

A cost analysis for floor coverings found that carpet could be up to 65% less expensive to maintain than hard surface flooring and on an annual basis. Research suggests that it takes two-and-a-half times longer to clean hard floors than carpet, with the cleaning chemicals needed for hard flooring being seven times more expensive.

4. Flexibility

The pandemic has created an increased focus on flexibility, rather than just cosmetic appearance, with configurable fixtures seeing a surge in popularity in commercial and learning environments.

Carpet tiles can be easily lifted and moved, which makes it easier and cheaper to support the ever-changing requirements and ensure social distancing guidelines are met and maintained.

We manufactured our Guide range to be both functional, stylish and modern. With two grey base colours and three design options to choose from, workplaces can subtly convey vital messaging.

5. Durability

Commercial carpet tiles, particularly those with a heavy contract rating, are extremely durable – making them ideal for places with heavy footfall. The latest innovations can even withstand wheeled traffic.

Some low-quality carpets can fade over time, and cleaning takes its toll on appearance. However, leading solutions, like our carpet tiles, have been manufactured to withstand rigorous cleaning procedures and will continue to look great as the years go by.

6. Design

Some people prefer how hard flooring looks, but carpet has stepped up its design game. With an endless range of styles, colours and surface textures, that are constantly evolving, the choice has never been greater. Additionally, the unique design flexibility allows for wayfinding, visual cues, and can increase the overall positive aesthetic of the environment.

Our Inspiration Collection is loved by architects and as one of our leading design ranges, has a wide selection of modern colourways, textures and multi-level creative patterns to suit any modern commercial development.

In conclusion, there are pros and cons to both carpet and hard flooring. But as we have shown, carpet does have some surprising benefits that you may not have considered.