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A Guide to Adapting Workspaces and Solving Post-Pandemic Design Problems

By 29th June 2020 No Comments

Over the past few weeks, and months, the coronavirus has impacted daily life. However, with lockdown restrictions easing across the country, people are finally starting to return to work and school. But will we ever return to ‘normal’?

It should come as no surprise that most people are likely to be anxious at the thought of leaving the comfort of their home. Therefore, to quash anxieties and protect the safety of their employees, companies need to pandemic proof their workspaces.

With social distancing measures still in place, it’s become compulsory for employers to make their spaces safer and more hygienic.

There are a number of ways to adapt workspaces with interior design. In this blog, we explore how carpet tiles can provide a simple, stylish and effective solution, and would like to introduce you to our Guide range, new to Paragon Carpet Tiles.

Directional Walkways & Floor Signage

Guidance is paramount. It can be easy to forget social distancing measures once you enter an indoor space, that’s why it’s important to reinforce rules. Directional walkways provide a simple yet effective way to help with wayfinding and social distancing in commercial environments.

Whilst hazard tape does the job, carpet tiles certainly look more stylish. For instance, our Guide range has been designed to integrate effortlessly into existing floor designs. With durable and hard-wearing properties, these carpet tiles will stand the test of time, unlike hazard tape, which may need replacing after just a few short days and may also increase the risk of trips and falls.

Workplace Bubbles

Not to be confused with a support bubble, the concept of a workplace bubble is about protection. Schools in the UK have already started to use this as a means of getting pupils to adhere to social distancing guidelines, with individuals split up into different groups to prevent mixing.

Some companies may choose to implement the bubble concept into their workplace, or alternatively look to create zones. The carpet tiles in our Guide range can be used to help distinguish visual safe zones. Using a combination of arrows and signage, companies can help direct employees to designated areas and remind them to keep a distance from one another.

Stylish Social Distancing

While safety remains a top priority, design still has a role to play. For most commercial environments, the look and feel of a space is important, therefore any interior changes must be stylish. Not only do carpet tiles provide an effective solution, but the latest innovations look great too.

We manufactured our Guide range to be both functional and modern. With two grey base colours and three design options to choose from, workplaces can subtly convey vital messaging. In addition, the versatile colours will easily integrate into corporate colour schemes.

Looking to adapt your workspace? Get in touch with our sales team to learn more about our new Guide range and for any design ideas! Visit our website to find your local sales rep: