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The Biggest Flooring Trends of 2021

By 13th January 2021 No Comments

At the start of 2020, the predicted flooring trends were very different from what they turned out to be. The coronavirus pandemic caused a three-month national lockdown from March. When the UK began to open back up, businesses needed to quickly adapt to be safe and secure.

It’s clear that pandemic proofing is just one of the trends that will continue in 2021, with local and national lockdowns still being enforced across the country. As a commercial carpet manufacturer, we know a thing or two about flooring trends. Here are some of our predictions for the year ahead.

Practicality is king

Another trend carried into 2021, from the previous year, is the need for practical solutions. The number one priority for businesses is to abide by rules and regulations.

Studies show that pedestrian flow systems can reduce personal contact between individuals, helping with social distancing measures. Therefore, the popularity of directional walkways and floor signage will continue to grow this year.

As a design-led carpet manufacturer, innovations such as our Guide carpet tile range can use clear instructions to remind space users to stay apart, whilst still seamlessly blending into existing flooring designs.

Keep it cleanly

A space that undertakes strict hygiene procedures is a safe space, and so cleanly floors will be a top trend this year.

Rigorous cleaning procedures such as frequent wiping, hoovering and disinfection can help to keep a space sterile. However, it helps if the flooring type has properties in itself, which can aid cleanliness.

Recent studies are beginning to show that Covid-19 lingers on porous surfaces, such as carpet, for less time than other alternatives. This makes it one of the most hygienic and desirable flooring solutions.

A clash of colours

Every year, neutral and vibrant colours fight to become the key interior design prediction. In 2021, both of them will take centre stage.

Bright colours will be paired with lighter colours such as white; a colour which looks and feels cleanly. Tactile textures such as high pile carpets will also be a firm favourite, as the feel of a space increases in importance.

Bold patterns are another trend taking a hold over the nation this year. When placed next to each other, bold and neutral colours can create distinctive designs. Carpet tiles with contrasting colours, such as those in our Diversity range can be used to create borders, zones and pathways.

Carpet tiles are in

As the pandemic continued in 2020, businesses realised that they would need to implement permanent flooring solutions. Carpet tiles grew in popularity, and will continue to do so in 2021.

Although long term interior design solutions are best, spaces must be able to adapt quickly and accordingly to the latest government guidelines. Suitably, carpet tiles can be installed and interchanged with ease, and can be removed with minimal disruption.

These trend-setting tiles can also help businesses adhere to the latest interior design themes. They can be mixed and matched with different colours to create unique stand-out patterns, setting the flooring bar extremely high.

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