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How Covid-19 has Reshaped Office Space Design

By 14th October 2020 No Comments

As we continue to adapt to a new way of life, understandably, there will be times when we all make some mistakes. In office and work spaces, staff will be used to certain habits, such as walking in a particular direction, socialising closely with fellow employees and congregating in any area they wish to. However, with new health and safety regulations in place, we have to think more carefully about these things.

To help navigate your employees through the office and ensure maximum safety, companies can implement a very simple design element into the workplace.

In this blog, we explore how carpet tiles can be used to promote social distancing as well as help with effective wayfinding.

Social Distancing

While safety measures are paramount, it doesn’t mean that companies have to forgo style when it comes to interior design in the office. At Paragon Carpet Tiles, we have a range of products in different colours and styles which incorporate innovative design while promoting social distancing.

Offices can choose from an array of patterns to create different zones, including areas which are out of bounds. This can help remind staff members of the social distancing measures and to remain a safe distance apart without disrupting the office with unsightly hazard tape or barriers. Plus, the durable and hard-wearing properties of our products will last much longer than tape and will also reduce the risk of accidents.

Effective Wayfinding

Guide your staff effortlessly and create well-structured paths though the clever use of carpet tiles. As discussed, it can be difficult to let go of old habits and easy to forget which way is the right way to walk.

To avoid this, think about following the yellow brick road and use different coloured or patterned carpet tiles to not only provide a unique design solution, but to provide a subtle yet effective wayfinding technique.


While these new measures are imperative right now, they’re not necessarily permanent. Carpet tiles can offer a simple and cost-effective solution as all our products are easy to fit and can be quickly removed and replaced should they need to be in the future.

So, if you’re thinking about adapting your workspace and want to know more about how carpet tiles can help with social distancing and wayfinding, get in touch with our sales team or follow this link to find your local sales rep: