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Interior Trends: Out with the old and in with the blue

By 6th August 2020 No Comments
Blue Design Carpet Tiles | Paragon Carpet Tiles | Commercial Carpet Tiles

Forget red and yellow – blue is our favourite primary colour and it is so in right now!

Blue can deliver personality to a space. It comes in a sea of deep and pale shades, each one able to either add loud impact or create serene surroundings. A perfect choice to transform any space.

Commercial interior designers have long selected this colour due to its vibe, values and professional aesthetic. It can be easily paired with the timeless colour grey, which has seen increased popularity in offices, schools and public spaces.

Here are some of the reasons we, at Paragon Carpet Tiles, believe that blue is the best choice for your commercial space.

Calm & Serenity

Blue is strongly associated with open spaces such as the sky and sea. So, it seems only right that this colour is used to unlock an interior’s full potential. Pale blues can make a space seem so much larger, whereas deep blues are great for a cosier feel and give a modern edge. 

Either way, blue can bring calm to your environment, as it creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. It is believed to open the mind and promote clear thinking, so it seems an obvious choice for an office space.

Versatility & Vibe

A versatile colour, blue is best paired with earthy and natural colours like grey or brown. Even white can be introduced for a modern transformation. When these colours are matched in a room with deep blue, warmth will be omitted. 

Opposingly, if paired with a pale blue, a cool atmosphere will be created. Choose carefully and consider which vibe you want to create – the right colour match can have amazing results and make a space incredible.

Blue Carpet Tiles & Flooring

Undoubtedly, one of the easiest ways to add blue into your room is with carpet tiles. Blue is said to contribute to a good mood, and who doesn’t want to feel happy every time they look down? Blue is a firm favourite with customers for its professional-looking charm and can be incorporated through patterned or block-coloured flooring.

Our Workspace Loop carpet tiles come in a blend of many different shades of blue, giving you the ability to choose the right one for you. With a ten-year-warranty, the carpet tile can stand the test of time and withstand heavy footfall, whilst still looking fashionable.

Want to learn more about our design-led carpet tiles? Get in touch with our expert sales team for information, samples and to place an order. Call us on 01709 916808 or email [email protected]