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The beauty of biophilic design

By 21st March 2019 No Comments
Paragon Carpets | Biophilic Design | Commercial Carpet Tiles | Vapour

The beauty of biophilic design


Although not a new concept, the use of biophilic design – the concept of increasing connectivity with the outside environment inside of a building – has increased dramatically over recent years within the architecture and design community.

Examples include increasing the use of plants throughout a building, having living walls, incorporating indoor gardens, having a natural exterior and increasing the use of glass. However, smaller changes can also provide the allure of nature, including the use of natural lighting systems and textures throughout.

With the ever-increasing population of cities, the benefits of biophilic design are clear to see across a wide variety of sectors, from offices, retail and even educational and healthcare environments.

Many believe in office environments, the design can increase productivity and increase employee wellness. In retail, such designs could increase rental costs, alongside providing a better shopping experience for customers. In education, it may also improve concentration levels of students and improve attendances.

However, for biophilic design to work as a complete concept for the built environment, all elements of a building need to be considered – not just the architecture and structure, with furniture and finishings also playing a crucial role.

To provide biophilic design throughout, floor coverings, and particularly carpet tiles within commercial industries, need to be considered as a vital part of the structure, rather than an afterthought, which they can sometimes be.

Depending on the finish required, there are a host of carpet tiles that are able to deliver an idyllic biophilic finish to any building.

Here are just a couple of examples that work perfectly:

Paragon Carpets | Biophilic Design | Commercial Carpet Tiles | Vapour

  • Vapour Cloud, which delivers a textured feel to the floor and echoes that of a mossy woodland

Paragon Carpets | Biophilic Design | Commercial Carpet Tiles | Greda

If you would like to find out more about our range of carpet tiles that are perfect for biophilic design, you can contact us here, or get in touch with a local area manager here.