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Vapour Nebula stars at ACS Kilmarnock

By 25th October 2017News
vapour nebula

Vapour Nebula stars at ACS Kilmarnock

Paragon Carpets has completed the interesting visual installation at ACS Kilmarnock in Scotland. Vapour Nebula the random lay carpet tile has been used in breakout areas as a compliment to the hard flooring vinyl grey plank.

vapour nebula carpet tilesThe ethos being that the softer tones and different texture of the carpet tile work well with the hard wearing vinyl in high footfall areas.

Marketing Manager Andy Potts commented, “Carpet tiles have a heavy contract rating and are ideally suited to high footfall areas, however we are seeing a progressive change to multi surface covering areas for both interest in design as well as a change in texture.”

LVT vinyl works well in communal footfall areas but designers still like progressive colour and texture gradients in breakout areas especially where people spend a significant amount of time. ACS is a perfect example of breakout areas using carpet tiles for texture and colour working seamlessly with hard flooring solid colours in communal or wayfaring areas.

vapour nebula carpet tileFor more information on Vapour carpet tiles please click below

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