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Benefits of Carpet in Winter

By 9th November 2021 No Comments

Each year, we all worry about the colder weather as winter begins. In our homes, and at work, it can be difficult to keep cosy without spending a fortune on heating costs. 

This winter worries are twofold, due to rising energy costs and Covid-19 concerns. The Department for Health advises that opening windows to let fresh air into a space can reduce the rate of infection by more than 70%. Therefore, methods of insulation are more crucial than ever to keep our places of work cosy, whilst saving on costs and preventing the spread of Covid.

All types of flooring have their benefits, but carpet in particular can be a lifesaver in colder months. This blog helps to explain wheat the benefits of carpet in winter are.

Firstly, here are some frequently asked questions about using carpets in winter.

Does carpet help make a room warmer?

We’re sure that many businesses are feeling the pinch at the moment due to rising energy costs. Keeping places of work and schools warm is a necessity throughout winter to ensure a positive environment. However, there may be a way you can do this as well as reducing your monthly bills. Commercial carpet works as a great thermal insulator to heat your rooms, meaning you can spend less on heating.

For more information about how carpet can make a room warmer, read our blog.

Is carpet good for winter?

Commercial carpet is a great option for the winter months. As previously mentioned, it can make a room feel warmer, as well as adding comfort during cold weather. Keep reading to learn more about why carpet is such a good option for winter.

Office with a desk and chair by a window, with brown carpet

What are some advantages of carpet?

Using carpet can have many advantages – and not just in winter! Here are the top reasons why you should consider installing commercial carpet in your organisation. 


We’ve already highlighted that commercial carpet can help to reduce your heating bills. But if you’re looking for a cost-effective flooring solution, then carpet tiles might be for you. They’re cheap to install, and can even be installed yourself if you’re feeling confident enough! Additionally, if one area of carpet needs to be replaced, you can simply buy one new tile rather than replacing the whole floor. This is particularly helpful in winter, when dirt and debris can be trodden inside, meaning carpet can soon become damaged.

If you want to learn how to lay your own carpet tiles, read our blog.

Reduces noise 

Commercial carpet has amazing acoustic qualities, with experts saying that it can reduce airborne noise by up to 35%. This is ideal for busy office environments and schools, which can often be noisy. Throughout winter, more people choose to stay indoors during break times so commercial carpet can be useful in keeping rooms and communal spaces quieter during these times. 

Image of office flooring with the door and glass of a private office in he background.Warmth


We don’t often realise that one of the most effective forms of insulation lies underneath our feet! 

Carpet is a very good thermal insulator, as the fibres in the material trap heat, keeping rooms warmer for longer and stopping heat escaping through the floor. They are much better insulators than hardwood or laminate floors because carpet has a low density, so takes little energy to warm up. This means that even if the temperature in the room is low, they will still feel warm to the touch.

Soft and comforting

When the weather is cold outside, we all crave comforting interiors that will help us stay cosy and provide a contrast to the harsh exterior. Carpet is warming and soft underfoot. This is psychologically comforting, but also provides practical protection from walking and standing fatigue.

Provides a pop of colour

During winter, the landscape can be dark and drab, with many of us waking up and travelling home from work in the dark. This is where a colourful office floor can work wonders! According to Karen Haller, colour psychologist and author of The Little Book of Colour, “Colour is a great way to lift our spirits and boost our moods in an instant.” This means that brightly coloured carpet tiles, like our Total Contrast range, can be a great way to inspire happiness and productivity in the workplace during the colder seasons. 

Office image with a carpet featuring red colour blocksSafety first

Not only is carpet comforting underfoot, it also prevents potential injuries from slippery floors caused by wet winter weather. This can be most dangerous in entrance spaces, which is where our Mat.Works entrance solutions come in! There are multiple hard-wearing options that not only help to clean footwear in the entrance hall of a building, but also help to prevent falls and slips, whilst sprucing up your entrance hall! 

So, if you’re looking to refurbish this winter, carpet is the way to go! 

For more information about our bespoke range of carpet tiles and Mat.Works entrance solutions, get in touch with our expert sales team on 01709 916808 or email [email protected].