Duera, by Paragon Carpet Tiles, completes the companies range of Luxury Commercial Vinyl solutions.

The collection aims to bring the worlds of hard flooring and carpet tiles together to create unrivalled flooring design possibilities for architects, designers and specifiers.

Duera is different from most standard vinyl ranges. What makes it so is in its composition and design.

Every single one of the 12 products in the range features a truly unique array of colour, patterns and finishes, which cannot be found anywhere else in the market.

However, it is its 5mm height which sets Duera apart. The depth provides a seamless finish against most existing carpet tiles, allowing designers to create spaces that can seamlessly flow between hard and soft textures, eliminating the need for joins between the two.

As an added benefit, the 5mm depth also provides the durability required to make Duera perfect for commercial environments such as education, apartments, offices, retail and leisure.

The stable 5mm layered design is also supported by honeycomb backing technology, which provides additional stability.

Duera helps craft unique spaces in any installation, whilst providing the strength and support required in a commercial setting.

Please note, due to differences in screen resolutions, the colour of the product images on the website may vary slightly from the actual product. For a more accurate representation of the product colour, please order a sample using the options available.